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We are 25 Years Young, we try alternative ways with the aim of simplifying everyday movements and creating a more sustainable future for homes and buildings.

The purpose of home automation systems is making the living space exactly as its inhabitants want it to be, at any time. A smart system recognizes users’ wishes and optimizes their home’s energy efficiency. A safe system does more than just receive orders. It also lets you know they have been carried out: your gate is closed, the alarm system is activated and the blinds are lowered.

Home automation technology should be seamless: non-invasive systems, able to read into and understand the environment, performing the required actions without you even noticing.

These are the ways we are exploring.

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Nice is adopting pioneering technologies that offer cutting-edge assistance, to simplify our products’ installation and maintenance. Wearing Microsoft HoloLens, you can view digital contents as part of the real world, interacting by simple gestures. As hands are free, you can follow the instructions displayed in real-time.

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  • Stand B12
  • Hall 3

We are
25 Years

We are twenty-five, so our strength does not come from tradition, but from our attitude of questioning existing rules, of trying alternative ways, with the aim of simplifying everyone’s movements. We are young, but we have been changing the rules of the game in our sector since 1993, when we first started. As young people, who enter the second phase of their life at 25, we keep pursuing our dream of a future without barriers, with more maturity and the same passion.

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